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Life Harmony
Concierge service

Our experts provide personalized assistance, well-being checks for seniors and those with disabilities, unforgettable event planning, and residential services that let you maximize the comfort of your home.

Personal Assistant Services

Do you wish more hours in the day or an extra set of hands? Let us help you!
Here is a sample of our assistant services:

  • Schedule appointments (doctor visits, repairers, salon appointments, if you think it, we can schedule them).
  • Resolve outstanding issues and phone call follow-ups
  • Research (find repairers, service providers, child care options, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.) and provide you with a list of recommendations.
  • Translate and complete paperwork or applications online.
  • Accompany you to essential appointments or doctor visits.

Ederly & Peoplewith Disabilities Well Being Checks

We all have someone who may encounter challenges or require extra care. Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 individuals have a disability or specific access requirements.
Here’s a glimpse into our well-being checks:

  • Warm and friendly in-person visits with helpful assistance.
  • Kind and supportive phone calls to brighten the day.
  • In-home visits to inspect the fridge and replenish essential food items.
  • Ensuring accessibility to frequently used household necessities.
  • Confirming the safety and security of the home.


Party Planning

Creating an unforgettable event involves countless meticulous decisions unfolding behind the scenes. Share your vision and budget for your upcoming event with Sahara, and we’ll handle the rest.
Here’s a glimpse of our Event Planning Services:

  • Researching party venues and providing a comparison report aligned with your budget and timeline.
  • Booking venues and managing event logistics.
  • Crafting invitations and marketing materials, whether in digital or print.
  • Sourcing party favors, souvenirs, and decorations.
  • Coordinating staffing and event hosts.
  • Designing and delivering personalized thank-you notes.

Let Sahara transform your vision into a seamless, unforgettable experience.

In Residence Services

Leave behind the hassle of taking a day off to wait for furniture or cable company deliveries. Sahara is here to stay on your behalf, providing peace of mind.
Here’s a glimpse into our In-Residence services:

  • Receiving deliveries.
  • Managing returns to the post office or other delivery providers.
  • Waiting for various vendors, including furniture, groceries, floral arrangements, and more.

Ready to reclaim your time and find balance in your life?

Let Sahara's Personal Services transform your daily routine.